Crossing the Minch to Lewis

Its been a while! Sorry for the silence. Wedding preparations for September have been taking up my time, along with lots of beautiful British summer to see and have fun in. So its raining cats and dogs today in London, and talking of dogs, well I am ‘Dog tired’ having just travelled 15 hours yesterday to get back home from my retreat for the past week in the Western Isles of Scotland. I spent the most incredible week exploring the Isles of Lewis and Harris by bicycle, just me, my camera and my fishing gear. I have to say I have utterly seduced by the Hebridean way. Its always easy to rave about a destination having just returned from holiday and being full of ‘holiday hype’ – in this case though, I feel I really found a calling among the wild highlands. The changing light, the scenery, the people and nature were all wonderful, and its amazing to think we have one of the worlds most pristine and spectacular environments right here in the UK (I was going to say right on our doorstep, although getting to the more remote parts of the Outer Hebrides is a bit of a mission, especially if you arrive late on a Saturday like me).

Anyway, lots of shots to come – this one was taking from the deck of the wonderful Calmac ferry as I crossed the Minch from Ullapool to Stornoway last Saturday evening. The Haddock and chips on board was fantastic, and I enjoyed my time in the bar meeting Stornoway FC having a few drinks to console themselves after losing their game that afternoon.




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